Einstein and Our World, New Edition
By David C. Cassidy

While most available works on Einstein trace the origins and evolution of his views and theories, David C. Cassidy focuses on Einstein's influence within and far beyond the confines of physics. Dr. Cassidy takes the reader on a fascinating journey through the uses and abuses of Einstein's relativity theory in such widely diverse settings as political ideology, philosophy of science, literature, art, religion, and the individual in an age of dictatorship, genocide, and weapons of mass destruction.

"In a mere 100 pages Cassidy sketches a broad picture. It's all here...the style is serious and academic. No acquaintance with Einstein's physics is presupposed."
---Richard Noer, American Journal of Physics

"Cassidy's appraisal offer(s) an inspiring picture, tinged with melancholy, of one whose genius changed the world."
---Eric Sheldon, Contemporary Physics

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Published by Humanity Books, an imprint of Prometheus Books, Amherst, NY, 2004.
120 pp., illustrations, index. ISBN 1-59102-256-8