Selected Papers and Essays
By D.C. Cassidy

"The Cultural Legacy of Relativity Theory", in reprint of Einstein's Relativity: The Special and the General Theory, (New York: Penguin, 2005), pp. 225-250.
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"Introduction" to reprint of Samuel Goudsmit, Alsos: The Failure of German Science (New York: AIP, 1996, orig. 1947), ix-xxv. Find at:;
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"Introduction" to Hitlerís Uranium Club: The Secret Recordings at Farm Hall , edited by Jeremy Bernstein (New York: AIP, 2001), xvii - xxx. Find at:;
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"Oppenheimer and His Physics," symposium on the Metropolitan Opera presentation of Dr. Atomic, at City Univ. of New York, Graduate Center, 14 Oct. 2008 Session Video:
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"A Historical Perspective on Copenhagen," Physics Today, vol. 53, no. 7, 2000, pp. 28-32. Symposium at City Univ. NY on the play Copenhagen, 27 March 2000 Symposium Site: Copenhagen
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"Meteorology in Mannheim: The Palatine Meteorological Society, 1780-1795," Sudhoffs Archiv, vol. 69, no. 1, 1985, pp. 8-25. Paper in PDF (606 kB)
"Physics in the 20th Century--Quantum Mechanics."
Centennial Lecture, American Physical Society, 1999.
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