David C. Cassidy

Selected Online Papers and Essays
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BA and MS, physics, Rutgers University
PhD, physics/hist. of science, Purdue Univ. with Univ. Wisconsin-Madison
Postdoctoral Fellow, Univ. California, Berkeley
Humboldt Fellow, Univ. Stuttgart, Germany

Assist. Prof., Univ. Regensburg, Germany
Assoc. Editor, Einstein Papers Project, Princeton Univ. Press
Prof., Hofstra Univ., Hempstead, NY

History of physics, esp. in the U.S. and Germany
Moral responsibility of scientists
History of meteorology
Science education for non-scientists
Science and literature

Abraham Pais Prize, American Physical Society
Honorary Dr. Sci., Purdue University
Pfizer Award, History of Science Society
Science Writing Award, American Institute of Physics
Stessin Prize, Hofstra University